Every Mother’s Letter to the Devil

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The force of a mother is strong and very influential. This letter inspires and teaches our role of a mother!

Dear Satan,

Let me introduce myself and the person I really am. You tend to only focus on my weaknesses and try everything in your power to make those weaknesses stronger. I want to enlighten you on my strengths and what I am doing to strengthen my weaknesses. I am a mom, wife and a force for good. Through life I have learned how really real you are and how real your driving force can be in making everyone miserable…..like yourself. You are good at what you do because you have been doing it for thousands of years. I see your influence in a lot of people and wonder if they realize where that influence actually comes from and WHO it comes from.

A part of that influence has greatly affected society in slowly removing the importance of a real and living God. However, if this is true, it must also mean that society has slowly lost the reality that you, Satan, are not real. Superficially, this may seem like a flaw in your plan by many people. However, it is just the opposite. If society doesn’t believe in a Satan, then how can they recognize that there is a driving force for evil. How can they recognize right and wrong without the source of right and wrong or light and darkness as an evident part of the plan here on earth. You want people to not only forget there is a God, but you also want people to forget YOU as well.


It is simple.

You don’t want people to feel evil is a force trying to destroy good. Because if there is GOOD, then there is a GOD.

You would like evil to appear as a normal and a common occurrence. An experience that people pass through. You make evil appear acceptable in society. Truths which were obvious and accepted by all are now being questioned and sometimes completely removed from their belief system.

You have many tactics that you use, but one of the sneakiest and effective methods you use is what I see daily in the lives of moms. Moms who are trying their hardest to raise their kids to become strong, faithful, honest and steadfast. Many moms don’t realize how much your influence is affecting them. You have a way of devaluing the role of a mother, making it seem unimportant and meaningless.

I know this first hand because I am a mother of 5 handsome boys who are at the center of my joy. I LOVE being their mother, but it is not because it is easy and constantly rewarding. It is because I am constantly praying and seeking guidance on how to find joy in this life full of your evil tactics. It has been said by a modern day apostle that, “there are few things more powerful than the faithful prayers of a righteous mother.” This is a powerful and true statement and Yes, I PRAY to my HEAVENLY FATHER who truly cares about who I am and who I can BECOME. That is where I gain my strength, my peace and my joy.

I know the games you play inside of a mom’s head. These thoughts are part of your scheme to destroy what is already good and beautiful in my mind. It makes me focus on what I don’t have rather than the abundance I do have. Thankfully I know this and the reality of this truth grows within me.

I have a choice and I choose to fight this………..

I choose to be strong and celebrate each little success we have daily as a family………

I choose to fight everyday by arming my children with the tools to protect themselves from you.

Also, I choose to teach them to love our brother Jesus Christ and know that by Him they can repent and return to our Heavenly Father.

As a mother I want to say, get out of my child’s head. My sons know that you will never have the potential for greatness like they do. They know you will never receive a body, and you will never experience what having a family is like. My sons know that you will never share a brotherly bond like they get to experience on a daily basis. My boys are strong! They have such great potential to become greater and more powerful than you. Their influence for good will overpower your influence for bad.

I know that it is my job to teach and nurture them, and just like the mothers of the 2000 stripling warriors, I will do just that(Alma 56:47-48). I will teach my boys all that is good and beautiful in this world and will teach them to what source this comes from(2 Nephi 25:23,26). They will know their Savior Jesus Christ! They will know who to turn to when they fall down and make a mistake. They will also know you. The more they know about you the stronger they can fight against your evil tactics and strategies.

I know you won’t stop until the end of the fight, and I am hear to share with you, I will not stop either. My desire and my driving force is to help every mother feel the same way. To help raise up an army of righteous youth to help influence to world for good.

Sincerely never to be forgotten or underestimated,

not JUST a mom

but A MOM!