DIY Giftcard Holder Printables

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I have a good friend who loves her Diet Coke. Every year since we’ve met, I have been at a loss of what to get her for her birthday so as a joke, I’ve given her Diet Coke related items. The first year I made her a Diet Coke Cake Tower:

The second year she had told me after a hard day that she needed something a little stronger than a Diet Coke so for her birthday I made her a wooden basket full of ingredients to make her own “Dirty Diet Coke” and used this adorable Printable.

Last year, I gave her a 6 pack with this fun Printable that starts with “You can only drink Diet Coke on two occasions…”

It’s been so fun searching and coming up with something new each year revolving around her favorite soda. I’ve learned that you can make even the simple things cute and clever. Even if you’re just giving money, you can give it in a clever way. That’s why I’ve made these fun and silly Printable Giftcard Holders for if you can’t think of anything to give and are planning on just giving a gift card or money.

Just click on the one you want to print out to open the PDF, print it out on card stock, fold along the lines, and glue/tape the edges. 

Date Night
What couple doesn’t love a night out for themselves? You could put any type of gift card in this one. (movie, restaurant, visa gift card, etc. . . )
Date Night Gift Card Holder PrintableGirls Night OUT
My best friend and I give each other a “Girls Night OUT” every birthday. You could throw in a restaurant, spa, movie, or visa giftcard for this.
Girls Night Out Gift Card Holder Printable

 Fun Money  
Whenever My husband or I get a little unexpected money from something we call it “Fun Money”. This could be great for someone who doesn’t like to spend money on themselves or will rarely go out and just have fun.Fun Money Gift Card Holder Printable

Diet Coke
For your Diet Coke addict friend ๐Ÿ˜‰ 
Diet Coke Money Gift Card Holder Printable

Dr. Pepper 
For your Dr. Pepper addict friend ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dr. Pepper Money Gift Card Holder Printable

Fun Gift Card Holder Printables for when I can't think of a good gift idea!