Here is a quick Disclosure policy for my wonderful viewers, and also because the FTC law says I need to offer it! 🙂 The best way I can explain how I get paid is, my commission/compensation for spending hours on this blog does not come from you! It does not cost you any more to use my links that I provide for you! All of my compensation comes from a 3rd Party!  It gives me the opportunity to spend time blogging and uplifting peoples families and lives, while you get the best of what I have to offer!

The only thing I ask is, if you find something you like while visiting, please use our links. This is how I am compensated for my time. And if you like what you see, please subscribe and come back often. I love the relationship I get with my readers! I love your comments and thoughts! I share comments with my husband and usually end the conversation saying, “This is why I blog!” I love hearing from my readers!!

I also want my readers to know that I will always be 100% honest and let you know if I am getting compensated in any way. Here are some ways that I am compensated as a blogger. Most of these are very small ( and I mean very small).

1. I am an Amazon Affiliate. When you buy from Amazon through a link on my blog, I get compensated in a very small way for it. You don’t pay any more than you would buying it directly through amazon. To those that have already supported my blog by shopping Amazon through my links, THANK YOU! ALSO…you don’t have to purchase the product that is linked to support my blog. If you click on my link, ANY purchase you make after will usually count.

2. Almost all product reviews on my blog are products/companies that I already love. I will only write and blog about amazing products that make my life easier, or simply products that I find amazing!! If I see it benefiting my life, I will share the love by sharing it with you! To thank me you can use our links that are provided!! (Thanks in advance!!)

3. Ads. Oh the wonderful ads, popups that scatter the web! I’m not a fan of ads everywhere! I have tried to keep my blog simple with just a few ads and I hope you are not bothered by them. This is just one more  (very small way) that I am compensated for my time.

4. All opinions expressed are always my own! I am dedicated to growing my blog and providing an income for my family! If I miss an opportunity to inform you of another way that I am compensated, I apologize in advance! I will do the best I can! We all know mommy brains slowly deteriorate! Mine is no different! My goal is to provide a safe place for mamas to come and be uplifted, and in the process make some money.

And lastly……

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