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I love finding things that require little to no effort and are cheap, so i’m particularly excited about sharing this! I love scrapbooking, I really do. One of these days, when life has slowed down a little, I’d like to get back to that crafty side of me. Until then, I have found a solution to get my photos printed in a book form for super cheap! I recently discovered this sweet app called CHATBOOKS and I think it’s pretty neat! Basically, you download the app, hook it up to your Instagram account and for only $6 dolllars (this includes shipping!) you can get a 60-page book of your instagram photos! OR if you don’t have an Instagram, you can customize your own book by uploading other photos. PLUS, you can share an account with other people and use each other’s photos. These would make awesome meaningful gifts! Guess what else is cool? Our followers get their first book for FREE by using the code doubl382″!

I just got my first Instagram Series Chatbook in the mail a couple of days ago and I love it! Now I have physical documentation of some of our adventures instead of it all being online. Here is what mine looks like:

Chatbooks unnamed (1)

 Here are a few more examples from Kristina’s Chatbooks as well:

11021134_917104748324173_2424012434268075920_n 1544366_917104754990839_1150346085545228234_n
Cute right?? Check out the Chatbook Facebook page to see what other great gift ideas you can do with your chatbook and get yours for free today by using our code “doubl382″