1 Quick Tip To Help You Enjoy The Journey

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Quick Tip

We all have moments when we have reached our limit, and EVERYONE around you knows it! The moment you feel that any second you will burst into tears or go out screaming and yelling! This moment comes to me all too often on Sunday during church.

Before church starts it’s actually quite pleasant. I’ve learned that the best time to get my boys dressed is usually 45 minutes before we have to leave. This gives us time for them to get dressed, find some black socks and locate their shoes (easier said then done).If it’s warm, my boys love to walk to church. They usually leave before me and arrive before I do.

Their first item on their agenda when they arrive is wait with wide eyes for the “CANDY MAN”. The candy man provides hi-chews to all of the kids in our ward. My boys then may take a side tour and climb the chair rack and swing on it until myself or my husband tells them to get off. This is about the time I show up. We find our bench close to the front and get settled in. Certain boys are separated, so they can’t play during the meeting. My husband’s calling has him sitting up on the stand, so we have a sweet grandma sit with us to help control the madness. Now with the kids separated……we are set!

The first 15 minutes of the meeting are great. Announcements, songs, prayers, its at this time I think in my head, “They are doing AWESOME!”  Sorta like this picture……..What could possible go wrong (2)This is where I am mentally EVERY SUNDAY as we start church. The amnesia has set in from the crazies of the previous Sunday and “Life is Good”. I don’t know why I do this to myself every week. It’s like having a baby and suddenly remembering all of the difficult things that comes with the baby.

It’s then like clock work, it starts to happen and the picture in my head quickly turns to this…………….

Photo Jan 10, 12 07 51 PM

AND THIS………………………….


This is a typical Sunday meeting. I am left feeling like a human jungle gym, and wanting to go home and take a nap There are many times, I want to burst into tears. After the close of the meeting I begin to get lots of different comments, which I actually don’t mind. I’m glad we provide some entertainment during church. The one main comment I receive is……

“I don’t know how you do it, and you just keep smiling!”

I have come to respond with this one simple phrase that I learned from an inspired, amazing lady………

“I can laugh or I can cry…..I CHOOSE to laugh”

                                                     MARJORIE PAY HINCKLEY

I have heard this phrase echo in my mind over and over again during difficult times in my life. It can be a hard to flip that switch, but I know it will change your outlook on life.  Mama’s you are stronger than you think! Find those things that your kids do that may make you want to cry……….and choose to laugh!